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vChoose platform was developed for restaurants so that any restaurant can now be a leader in digital marketing. We have developedground-breaking, cloud based technology which is enabling restaurants to stay competitive in the digital landscape at an affordable price.Be it an awesome website, online ordering, presence at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,... the list goes on - we can do it.

2015 Holiday Special - Free Trial for 1 month

Try vChoose online ordering with no contracts, no obligations and no fees. We charge approximately 3%+0.25¢ for credit card transactions.

What we do:

Website Design (Optional)

Tell the story of your restaurant, call us: (724) 281-3070.We believe every restaurant has a story to tell, let us tell your story on your website.Don't settle for a static website that is "just there", vChoose will build a website that tells your story, engages your customers and encourages feedback.

Online Ordering

Setup online ordering for your restaurant at affordable prices. Key features
  • Low Transaction Cost (~ 3% + 0.25 ¢)
  • Mobile enabled.
  • Secure, fast and cloud enabled.
  • Keep yoour existing website if you are happy with it - just add online ordering to it.

vChoose Team

Meet the people who bring your this technology to your doorstep.



There are many awesome reasons to use vChoose for your restaurant website:

  • Cloud hosting - your website will be on our cloud so it stays stable even during peak hours.
  • Mobile ready - about 70% of your customers visit your website via a mobile phone, so it only makes sense to have a website that runs great on any device; be it an iphone, android, iPad, computer, or any new device.
  • Amazing Design - design is what we do best - we have over 10 years on experience in web design and development.
  • Extra Tools - you need a online ordering, we can do it, SMS marketing, we can help.

Call us: (724) 281-3070

to find out more about how vChoose can help your restaurant.

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